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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
He most definitely earned the leadership position. If you look throughout the film, Rogers was gaining respect of the others, and it all culminated in the final battle. When they needed someone to lead the way, its no surprise that they turned to Cap.

For example

Banner/Hulk-When Rogers told him "The only word I care about", you could see how much that meant to Banner. Its probably why the Hulk actually listened to Cap's orders.

Black Widow-He earns her respect on the Quinjet, when she advises him to sit it out as its way too dangerous for him, but he goes anyway.

Thor-Similarly, the scene of him stopping Thor and Iron Man was probably the biggest hint that he would become the leader. When Thor attacked him, and Cap held up and eventually calmed them down, he earned Thor's respect.

Iron Man-This was the longest development, as they developed together. They really grew together, and you could see the foundations being made of them becoming the brothers they are in the comics.

Hawkeye-Barton obviously accepts Cap as the leader, and Rogers is the one who tells him to "suit up" when BW and Hawkeye were sitting there wondering how to get back at Loki.

He also took the leadership role when he reprimanded Stark for trying to bring out the Hulk and reminded everyone to do their job.

So all this culminated into the scene where Cap gives the orders to everyone. If you look at that one scene it may seem that it was forced, but throughout the movie Cap was being built up as the leader.
I totally agree with you!

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