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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I like the backbone he displayed, when he was displaying backbone.

Backbone, in terms of being a leader, is standing up for whats morally right and whats best for the team and the mission. Telling someone off just because you can...especially when that person's actions aren't actually affecting anything...isn't an appropriate move for a leader.

Leaders shouldn't pick fights. Or allow them to continue. They should most certainly try to diffuse the situation without violence.

The main problem I have with it is that this is Rogers' first impulse. To resolve the issue with violence. He never even tries to really talk to Stark, to find any common ground. The scene works because of the actors, but it just feels like a somewhat forced way to create drama between them.

If that moment was caused by Loki's spear...I could see that, but if that's the case, it wasn't well handled or shown.
I get it now. You're just never going to back down from this "not understanding Loki's staff" issue. That's fine man. To some of us it was as clear as day the effect it had on all of the men in the room. At one point Stark even rubs his forehead and winces as if something is doing something to his mind. Banner even picks up the Staff without even knowing it...... but none of that's overt enough for you. It's all forced. We get it.

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