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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Steve Rogers has never once shown to exhibit any violent tendencies. And Stark's heroics are in the context of protecting himself from corporate theft and intellectual property. He saved people sure, but they were usually a by product of his either discovering his powers or in relation to his enemies. True sacrifice is to lay down your life for not only people whom you don't know but also for goals that have nothing to do with you. So, yes, Rogers was correct in his assessment of Stark. Otherwise the latter would have brushed it off if it meant nothing. So obviously there was some truth to it.

Leaders picking fights? To be technical, Stark 'started' it but that's besides the point. Have we forgotten how respectful they were towards each other in Stuttgart? Cap had no issue with Stark coming in to 'save the day' and they even addressed each other by their code names. Black Widow was more bemused than anything else when Iron man overrode the jet's controls.

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