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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

Originally Posted by TheArcadian View Post
No offense, but seriously? Chistopher Nolan HATES Batman. He has turned Batman into a high tech gadget Guru, this is not an opinion, it's a fact, even though Batman Uses Gadgets, He is an up close get your hands dirty fighter. Batman is a detective (HIM-NOT HIS FRIENDS) and you can go back to all other solitary superhero films from Superman to Spiderman- The New Green lantern- The Flash, SO MANY and they all wear their colors, they may have a few minor differences but with Batman the rule is that the movies mean all Black, look at Arkham Asylum (the game) what a great look! That is THIS GENERATIONS Batman. And what about Christian Bale? He sounds like a throat cancer patient. Batman is Stern, and reserved, Bale ruins the movies for me. And seriously? The padding he wears? its too futuristic and not enough vigilante, Nolans Batman feels UNTOUCHABLE, NOOO! Batman frequently gets beaten, and then OVERCOMES, that is what His appeal is, his very HUMAN limitations. Then no grappling Hook? No scaling roofs? (tokyo scene in DK does not coun't as it made the feat seem impossible for batman when in comics this is everyday stuff for him.) It is hard for me to see BATMAN fans like The Dark Knight, or even Batman Begins. I CAN see how someone who is uneducated in his origins and 60 years of Comic book history who is simply a movie fan can like them. Nolans Batman takes the flavor out of WHAT MAKES BATMAN- BATMAN. You tend to like the criminals in those films far more than Batman, who seems like a disturbance in an otherwise good film. Not only that, but the "LOOK" of Gotham is horrible and could double as metropolis. Batman is a SURREAL character and Gotham is a Surreal Universe, as soon as you try to make it seem like it would be in REAL LIFE, you have lost it's magic.
You clearly don't understand that #1. Nolan is trying to make these films realistic, that's the real draw of this series., #2. Is there a real problem trying to make the costume based on real-life protective materials, and no that is NOT this generation's Batman. #3. You obviously weren't paying attention to this little item if you think the grappling hook wasn't in the film:

and #4. High-tech? Oh please. If that counts as high-tech, then bulletproof vests and ceramic plating must be high-tech too am I correct?

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