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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

If they Captain America sequel follows the comics with the Winter Soldier storyline, I really, really hope they are able to bring Scarlett Johansson back as Black Widow for it.

Aside from the fact that Bucky was held by the russians and used by them, which makes Black Widow's Russian ties absolutely perfect, I would also really like to see them get together like they do in the comics.

Case in point, Bucky's been brainwashed, made to do terrible things, and probably hates himself for it. From what we've seen in the Avengers, Black Widow has the EXACT SAME past and has her own demons and pain to try and overcome.

It would be a great bonding point for them, making BW better to understand Bucky's problems then Cap possibly could, despite being his best friend.

It's a storyline point I would really like to see unfold.

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