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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

Originally Posted by Jordacar View Post
Some cool ideas, I definitely agree with 1 and 3, though I'm not sure exploring different tones would fly on live-action. Personally I really want to see a series with a consistent tone, at least for the first few seasons. If the show is successful for awhile, then they could go a little nuts after they've established the world.

But why does it have to be on HBO?
I'm sure it sounds schizophrenic when I talk about different tones, but I'm thinking about the ability to experiment, more than you'd be able to do in a single feature. There'd be a more or less consistent tone for the series overall, but you'd have that ability to experiment stylistically.

HBO just because it's HBO, and there wouldn't be the kinds of restrictions or pressures from network TV or even basic cable.

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