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Default Re: Finally a Hulk Franchise?

Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
Awesome news! I think it's a testament to Marvel how so many people are starting to come out as geeks and say 'I want to play this role'. It wasn't that long ago when actors would say 'why do I have to wear spandex'.

I really hope She Hulk appears on screen. It would be cool to give Hulk a supporting cast of people who can keep up with him. I wonder if they can slip in Doctor Samson as well?

Say, Banner is in a therapy session when he is attacked by an enemy (lets just say The Leader for now). Jennifer is waiting in the waiting room. In the resulting chaos both Doc Samson and Jenn are placed in life threatening conditions and the only thing that can save them is gamma radiation.

For some reason I like the idea of Nick Frost as Doc Samson. I know he looks nothing like the comic book version but I just think he could bring alot of personality to the Hulk series as well as some light humour.

for the sake of continuity, I hope MS keeps the actor who played Samson in TIH. Too much recasts in this franchise could kill it for good.

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