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Default Re: Avengers Merchandise - Part 1

Originally Posted by 50yroldfffan View Post
Nice to see the Avengers movie can convert strong DC fans to the Marvel side (Dark side). haha
I have to confess I'm a strong marvel fan and have been since the mid 60's. For me it's almost like politics but when I see good hearted DC fans like yourself who can get excited and enjoy a movie from a rival comic company it softens my hard edge views :-)
I would say if you want to get into Marvel a bit more first search out the great Stan Lee and Jack Kirby work from the mid to late 60's. There you'll find the heart of Marvel comics.
Might might even go see the Batman movie now! lol
Oh yeah! has anybody told you you look like justin timberlake? not sure if you'd find that a compliment haha :-)
Lol, thanks! I will take the JT comment as a compliment because the ladies love him. My wife is a huge fan of his. I've never had the JT comparison, but on more than one occasion I've been said to look like Joshua Jackson and Bam Margera. Usually the Margera comparison comes when I let my hair grow out a bit thicker.

Picked these glorious gems up today at Wal-Mart. Sorry for the glare on the Thanos/Adam Warlock two pack. Each one of these was the last one they had out on the floor so I went ahead and got them in case they are hard to come by later on.

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