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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Blackman View Post

Before anyone says anything. Yes it's obvious why the others mentioned werent in The Avengers
Lol thanks for that! I caught Thor on cable earlier and I got a kick out of remembering Hawkeye in that cameo. I smiled when Hawkeye was shown to be choosing a bow over a gun and saying some cool lines that I thought fit his character.
Ultimately though I was disappointed that he didn't at least fire off an arrow. Or even lend a helping hand, well bow and arrow haha to the other action beats. Actually the action itself was just okay, but not well choreographed to the characters' strengths, particularly Thor's friends. They seemed so underpowered (and dare I say it, under developed, or rather they're investable but I just couldn't feel for them) compared to Thor, who just came off as looking 'good', as that hero whom his friends needed to save the day.

It's a decent film but far from perfect. But it was nice seeing Loki's villainous yet sympathetic turn: I'd forgotten that he was a Frost Giant by birth, which makes Thor's 'He's adopted' line that much more poignant particularly when I don't think he even knows of the fact. I don't really get the Frost Giants' physiology but I'd forgotten that that adds another dimension to his character. How did he appear to Thor on Earth, come to think of it? Was that a power of his and if so, could it have been used in TA to good effect? And what about when he threw something at a Frost Giant, what was that?

Well, I know I'm getting off track but I'll say one thing after seeing that post credits scene - it fed quite nicely into TA. Loki's appearance, to me, did not imply mind control but was mere serendipity: Selvig's echoing Loki's. That's my take on it lol so that it's still inclusive of TA events.

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