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Default Re: Batman should die in the next film!

To the original post:

Two-Face is dead, Nolan confirmed it a while ago, get over it!

Now on the issue of the death of Batman:

Its a risk, a pretty big one if you haven't noticed already. Heres my biggest point if Batman does die: you have to make the death scene very emotional and climactic (Not that I doubt Nolan's vision, but its a tough feat). Of all the characters in Nolan's universe, the only characters that have really died are Ra's al Ghul and Two-Face. Its just very complicated to do a death scene, especially that of Batman. But, I have to note, if Batman does die, it would create a highly-emotional response from the audience (as well as some emotional music from Hans Zimmer ), so they could end up doing it.

In the end, they could end up doing it, or they might not. Nolan has stated that the conclusion is a very good one, so we'll just have to wait 2 months to find out!

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