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Default Re: Avengers Merchandise - Part 1

Originally Posted by sgaana View Post
Man, I went to two separate Walmarts today (greater Boston area), and they were about cleaned out of Avengers stuff. One had the pegs for the 6" figures, but no figures. The other didn't even have a spot where they would have been hanging. Ugh. eBay for me, I guess.

Has anyone heard whether there will be a 6" Captain America figure without the helmet? I know there is a 3.75" version like that, and I could swear that a long time ago, we saw a promo image from Hasbro about a 6" variant... but to my knowledge it's never appeared.

Came across this in my internet searches: Avengers USB drives:

Full info here:

(The bad news, they're mostly available in Taiwan and are selling for high prices in the U.S.)

As an I.T. Tech I really think I need these, not want but need

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