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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

Just made a Dark Avengers trailer, so you can see who my basic picks are for this particular team in the Marvel Universe:

Norman Osborn - I like Willem Dafoe, but I think Gary Sinise is a better choice
Bullseye - I might be one of the few who loved Colin Farrell, just the small twitches in his face sold me
Venom (MacGargan) - Timothy Olyphant
Moonstone - I used Charlize Theron here, but I think I'd like Ali Larter
Sentry - Tough one; Jared Padalecki maybe
Ares - Gerard Butler, but I used Manu Bennett (Crixus from Spartacus)
Daken - Daniel Henney, but I used Taylor Lautner

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