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Default Re: What villains are left for a 4th film?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Even over what Marvel may be doing with Thanos?
With Bay? Yeah, Im sure he feels challenged by the Avengers to have even more explosions and choas haha. Especially since there are quite a few similarities in the final battle in both films. Im strictly talking action here and Avengers was more successful in that regard as far as the entire final act (DOTM followed Shia/humans too much) but that scene with the driller in DOTM was one of the best set pieces Ive ever seen on film.

A planet sized Transformer devouring planets with Bay attached? That would definitely be some of the most ridiculous crazy ass **** ever put on screen. Not gonna see another Transformer movie for the dialogue, might as well give us something insane and even more epic in scale.

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