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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

I'm going by the assumption that Nick Fury was lying to the Council RE not tracking the Avengers, or he has the assets in place to track them down instantly if need be. Besides, Tony Stark is Tony Stark, Steve Rogers is living in SHIELD provided housing and will be working closely with SHIELD in his next movie, Bruce Banner is probably with Stark (and if not, SHIELD managed to track him to India AND land a platoon sized tactical team to bring him in on short notice, so I'm sure finding him again won't be too much trouble), and Barton and Romanoff are both SHIELD employees (and they're not the only SHIELD employees) so Fury will probably be able to bring them in easily.

The only guy who is completely out of reach is Thor, and he's on a completely different planet.

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