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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

When people talk about Waid's Birthright as being superior to the Man of Steel mini-series, I cringe. In my opinion, Byrne took everything that had come before in Superman media (aspects of comics, Reeve films and cartoons) and utilized them while modernizing them. Waid is a joke of a writer. The only good thing he ever did was a couple Batman stories in the early 90's for Detective Comics, Kingdom Come and some decent Marvel work. God to even hear the man speak in documentaries or interviews is just like nails on a chalk board.

1) Why would Superman be a vegetarian? He was a farm boy. Presumably there were cows and hogs on the Kent farm. Martha had to cook meat for dinner right?

2) Why would Clark travel abroad? You would think that once he got his powers and oh forget it. I don't get it.

I could do this all day.

F*** Mark Waid and his dumb ass stories

Jerry and Joe were gentlemen. Bob Kane was a thief and a glory-hound who was more concerned about profit and prestige. I cannot bring myself to believe the same things about Stan Lee in regards to his two main contributors, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. I'm inclined to believe Stan's version of events as he has usually been very willing to credit his co-conspirators, but the truth is because different versions of credit exists, we will never truly know.
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