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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for Marvel's The Avengers! (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - P

Originally Posted by BobbyCorwin88 View Post
So I thought I'd write up a little review while I've got some off time at work. Figured it's about time, sorry if it's a little lengthy... or not.

So I've seen the film twice now and it was definitely a blast both times I watched it. Definitely a great way to start off the summer movie season and it's great to know that a comic book movie has had the highest grossing numbers pretty much of all time. I can't say I was anything but pleased with the film as a whole and I absolutely enjoyed it, however, seeing it twice was pretty much enough for me.

So let's start with the highs, I guess I'll just break this down by focusing mainly on the characters:

If anything, this movie really proved to me that a SHIELD movie is not only doable, but with Jackson, Johannsen and Renner on board, it would be highly enjoyable. I didn't really expect to care for SHIELD too much throughout this film, but I'll be damned if they didn't surprise me. BW took a big step up this time around and I was really pleased with Scarlett's delivery. She's miles away from what she was portrayed as in IM2. Great change.

Although Hawkeye didn't have as much screen time, he was definitely the bomb. Had me wishing that he had a bigger role to play in Thor, but oh well. Brainwashed or not, Renner just played a straight cool character. I loved how they showcased how exactly he uses his trick arrows (i.e. how the quiver adds the tip when he presses the command on the bow), very cool stuff. Would have loved to see him wear the sunglasses, but there's always next time I guess.

Fury was Fury. Not much else to say really. I don't think that he necessarily floored me, but Jackson was definitely Fury through and through. I guess that's what happens when a role is practically written with you personality completely in mind.

Maria Hill, meh. I never really liked her in the comics so I didn't expect to like her here either. Smulders had kind of bland delivery at times and she didn't really contribute a whole lot. But she's kind of cute, so I guess that's all that mattered for this go around.

And what can I say about the late Phil Coulson? Overall, I've been kind of indifferent towards Gregg's character throughout the MCU, but he definitely had a lot more personality in this film, and I think killing him off was the right move. He had a very good send-off and his death really did serve a good purpose. I wouldn't say his death really helped all of the team put their best foot forward, Cap and most of the others already seemed motivated enough, but it definitely served a good purpose for Tony. Stark seemed to be the one most affected by his death and it really caused him to rethink his selfishness and become a team player. Really helped spurn his motivation.

RIP Coulson.

And with that I have to get back to work. Part 2 a little later..... if anyone cares. kbye
I put the parts in bold which i agree with the most in your mini-review. They went all out with Black Widow and it seemed that she played up her role to the extreme. In the final battle when Widow's gasping for air and Cap gives her the boast you really get the idea that she's a "human being" who's relying on her physical ability to get around to this and isn't backing down one bit.

Hawkeye was terrific in the scenes that he was in - but i would've liked to see more of him without being under Loki's spell. I guess it works anyway.

A S.H.I.E.L.D. movie would have to be the ultimate spy film ever made, and i don't think we'll be getting that any time soon. Watching the first bit of Avengers with Fury, Hill, Coulson, and Hawkeye in their HQ really felt like a scene from Escape from New York. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the eye-patch, but Fury's like a more experienced Snake Plisskin addressing the world security council and struggling to give the heroes their push. Coulson, I guess thanks to his portrayal as a "spook" in the IM and Thor films, really made me think about the Men In Black :P or X-Files , whichever. Point being that he comes from a different place in the spy genre -- same with Black Widow, your super spy like Bond or Ethan Hunt? Hawkeye, at least on film, seemed like a Jack Bauer figure. Yes, I know I gave this wayy too much thought. But that's how it felt. S.H.I.E.L.D. really has its own genre niche which wasn't quite realised until The Avengers.

Looking forward to your next review.

Originally Posted by Big and green View Post
Is it just me, or did the "red on my ledger" stuff seem really corny, I don't know if it's the way it's written or the saying itself, or if it's Scarlett. I'm just not sure.

I thought she was good in IM2, I just don't have believe ability to see her shooting guns, she looks fine when she's doing the close combat. It's just when she's shooting the guns.
Well, like i said, she's more of a female Ethan Hunt or 007 to me. So it works out well. I didn't have any problem with that.

Originally Posted by The Morningstar View Post
Yea, it was straight up Kirby/Starlin style dialogue.

That's why i've always loved Marvels cosmic mythology. It's like a mix of sci-fi and Shakespeare/medieval/old English.
THIS is why Joss Whedon kicks all kinds of ass. :D I was never really into Buffy or Firefly when they were on but liked Whedon's work on X-Men a lot... after watching this, yeah, i'm going to school myself on Joss :D

What I loved the most about those scenes (esp the post-credit one) is how it's very, very much a shot lifted from the opening of Infinity Gauntlet #1


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