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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

I thought of another totally random but oddly specific scene I'd love to see on a show. Probably in season 2. After Harvey becomes Two-Face, he meets the Joker. He and Harv would probably have a bit of history by this point, so Two-Face gives him the ol' coin toss, and it comes up good heads. Everyone looks relieved until Two-Face headbutts Joker and proceeds to punch the unholy snot out of him. Two-Face would show how in charge he is, and Joker would still be smiling at the end.

Has there ever been a scene in the comics where Two-Face beat up Joker?

On that note, that's another thing you can do on TV that's a lot harder to do in the movies: watch a wide array of characters and personalities play off each other. In a film, you've got a story to get to.

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