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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I think conceptually, Winter Soldier is a good idea (though not my preference for Cap 2). However, I do think the story itself falls into the trap most modern comics today do: too many splash pages, and a rushed ending. Not a whole lot happens in the first few parts other than talking, and when we finally get a major action scene, it is brief and loaded with splash pages. Comics today waste so many panels, it is ridiculous. It slows the story and leads to poor pacing.

I so agree with what you said about the lack of real action and the overuse of splash pages in current comics. It's as if artist have lost the ability to draw convincing action sequences, while the writers have characters spend entire issues talking for endless pages with nothing else happening. The reams of dialogue don't really lead anywhere, but they do give artists a break from trying to draw characters doing anything other than standing around jawboning.

When I tried to give AVX a chance, I was put off by the fact that entire issues consisted of splash pages/2-page spreads in which no action took place. For an event predicated on a "war" between the two teams, there is far more talking than fighting. And none of that dialogue advances the story very far. Four dollars per issue is far too much to waste on non-events like that.

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