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Default Re: Rate and Review X-Men Origins: Wolverine! - Part 1

Just watched it again for the first time since it was released.

No idea why it gets so much hate. Sure there were a few things that could have been better (bit longer, some poor effects and most of all the "real" Deadpool) but that aside i can't fault it.

Great story, really good action scenes, nice soundtrack. Great acting too, especially from Jackman and Schreiber. The Blob was done really well, never thought they would be able to pull him off. Kitsch was ok as Gambit, would have been better if he perfected the accent. Schreiber was as close to Sabretooth as we'll ever get. Just compare him to Tyler Mane in X-Men 1!

I would have liked another half an hour dealing with Weapon X backstory. If they had done that and gotten Deadpool right this would have been up there with Avengers and Iron Man for me.

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