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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by Sloth7d View Post
Just my opinion.b
in what universe is cap even a close match up to batman, thats really stupid on your part he has even deveated hulk in the crossover without any prep time (especialllyyyy for those who think he is useless without prep). and scarlet witch defeating zatana scarlet isn't even a real magician
seriously vision an artificial inteligence defeating the freakinnnn martian manhunter blue beetle and black panther would have a draw and hawkeye really??? green arrow is 5th best stragist and is and has shown to be in level with batman in hand to hand combat he also has used a green which he still has
if you might not khnow atom can shrink to subatomic level where as ant man can only gain an insectoid form canary is one of the best martial artist how on earth does she loses from spiderwoman . and i cant believe we are having this debate jla has batman and 9 of the top ten rules in comic book clearly states batman never loses he may be beaten to death he may be tortured to hell he maybe old but he freakinn never ever loses in dc or in marvel

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