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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
You seem to have stumbled into PWP territory with that fic. There is plenty of decent fan fic out there, you just have to know where to find it. And not all of it is slash, either. Just most of it.
Actually, switch the words around and that's what I read. It was not satisfying in any way, shape or form. Not even a kiss. Well, they actually do not have any scenes together, which makes the point of the fic even more puzzling.

As for Hawkeye's 'mind control' storyline, I didn't mind. It made sense and gave development to him. It was the impetus for Natasha - giving her development in turn, and drove the middle section of the film, with that Helicarrier attack. In fact, if it hadn't been for Hawkeye, that action piece would never have happened.

People who complained about his 'limited screen time' etc tend to forget these in the equation.

Plus, it made his presence that much more satisfying when he is on, and you clamour to see more of him. It works, at least for me. And he was pivotal to the NY battle, and wasn't a 'throwaway character'. You can tell, like with every other character, that Whedon respects him.

It's very underrated and rare but excellent writing when you create a character whose implicit 'absence' gives him gems of development as opposed to exposition that can come off as hokey or too condensed. Some people get stuck with characters that seem great on paper but end up being one note.

As for Hawkeye being a 'scene stealer', well someone said on here that he was the third most popular character to be written in fanfic. I think that speaks volumes. In terms of sheer popularity and affinity for 'tortured bad asses', Clint is right up there.

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