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Default Re: Can you track the comic source?

Originally Posted by Doctor Who View Post
Well back in 2006 when TDK was announced, I had a beat up copy of Daredevil #9 and was able to trade it for a mint condition original copy of The Killing Joke from 1989; I consider myself a collector, and it's my favorite Batman story of all time, so in my opinion I think it's worth tracking down the original source of the Killing Joke; they have that new recolored one out, but it just lacks the depth and richness of the original colored version.

If you go to your local comic shop and ask them what recent copy of The Killing Joke that they released, then I'm sure they'll show you the paperback one that I saw that looked authentic to the original, minus the quality of paper it was made out of and the title was embossed on the original copy instead of this knew one I speak of. It will be the same, basically, and the actual title on the book will either be green, yellow, or red... to my knowledge; there might be a blue one too, but don't quote me for certain. They're reprints mostly, but the green titled one will be your best chance. And when you look for it, make sure it's paperback; that way you will know.

Here's that other comparison btw.

Both photos, to me, share the same pose, the same element of story/surprise, and both something very elemental... very haunting; that something horrid is about to happen.
Yes, I believe the perspective shares some ambiguous but scary qualities...Bane

mostly the back, arm and head. Tom's Bane looks like there is some sort of button on the back and comic Bane shows where the tubes feed into his brain

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