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Default Re: Is Today's Society too Cynical for a movie like Cap?

Originally Posted by shieldmaiden View Post
Ok, now I'm a sucker for a guy with a shield, but I was certain I'd hate it. Thought it'd be an awful parody of an american, and an even worse parody of a hero.

I was won over. I'm a part of that exploding audience and fanbase, and I can't get enough of this character... and really, I'm pretty cynical. But I loves me some Cap!
I'm on that bandwagon as well. I liked Cap when I was a kid in the 80s, but I eventually lost interest in him because I thought he was too idealized and dorky. I still tolerated his books from time to time, but I was more interested in the Blade, Venom, andSpawn types.

Because of this movie, I'm back to being a Cap fan. I've read more Cap books in the last year than the previous 20 years. With this flick and Avengers, Marvel admitted Cap is kind of dorky. Yet he's also extremely noble and valiant. Bring on more Cap flicks.

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