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Default Re: Why Mark Ruffalo?

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
Norton is a brilliant actor. He made Banner into something far beyond a two-dimensional comic book character. He made him an existential dilemma. People forget Norton wrote those aspects of his character. He didn't just show up for work & said "Yes, Sir, General Feige, Sir." Ruffalo's a great actor & his version of Banner worked, but the weight of Norton's rendition is something else entirely. If you can't see that, avoid interpretations that require deep analysis.
So anyone who didn't like Norton's Banner is incapable of enjoying interpretations that require deep analysis?

FYI, if any interpretation of Hulk requires deep analysis and should be mentioned in the same breath as 'boring' to some people movies like Tree of Life, it's Ang Lee's. Not TIH.

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