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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Thank you. Dating your ex's grand-niece is creepy weird, and they have the same last name, so you can't ignore it. It's the same with Cyclops getting with, having a kid with and then suddenly leaving Madelyne Pryor, the Jean Grey look-alike. It's ultra-douchey, and pretty frikkin creepy but we just kinda accept/ignore it in comics. It won't go over so well with the GA who isn't as attached to these characters.

Not only does it not have to be Sharon, but it shouldn't be. I think having her in there as a love triangle like Sean said, with Bernie winning out in the end could be pretty cool, and really bring Cap back down to a human element.

I am also a fan of giving Sharon Carter's role to Carol Danvers, as Carol can still serve the purpose of the Sharon Carter role, as well as be her own character, even a teammate at some point, now with 'history' with Cap. It's just plain old narrative efficiency.

But having no love interest like a B-movie is out of the question, guys, seriously.
What's douchey or creepy about Cap meeting and growing attached to the grand-niece of the woman he was madly in love with in WWII? As far as his perception is concerned, it was only yesterday that he promised that dance to Peggy, and now he (and she) will never have that, because time (and probably death) has separated them forever. Sharon looks like her, reminds him of her, and is related to her. There's nothing creepy or douchey about him projecting Peggy onto Sharon; in fact, it would likely be a point of discussion and contention in their relationship, as Sharon realizes that Steve is doing just that.

What was creepy and douchey was the way it was handled in the actual comics, because Peggy WAS still alive, and very much still in Steve's love life. She was only about twenty years older than him there, so the comic book version of the story had Steve banging his cougar girlfriend while doing her younger, hotter niece on the sly. THAT, my friend, is frickin' douchey. The movies give Steve the graceful out of having seventy years and death (again, presumably) separating the two women who are his love interests.


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