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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

It would be nice if Man of Steel introduced Lois as 'The Reporter' in the sense that there is absolutely nothing romantic between Clark and Lois at the start, not even a spark, that she is known around the Daily Planet as 'the one to beat' in getting the best stories and everything. I suppose the benifits of having her be much older is that she is already a well acomplished journalist. I know that in the 40's it was some huge stigma or disgrace to see a woman working in a newsroom and more than that, actually being really good at it, which is why that aspect of her character was played up so much.

In this day and age it is nothing, no big deal. So it would be cool if it were just 'Lois is one of our top reporters' end of. Not, 'Lois is one of our top reporters and she's female... can you believe that?'

Unlike Lois and Clark and Smallville I don't think it should be about building their relationship up bit by bit I think it should be like The animated series of the 90's where she was just 'there' doing her own thing while Clark went about doing his own thing.

It would make a refreshing change from the constant Clark and Lois drama.

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