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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play


Batman costumers everywhere have been talking about a wonderful new boot that has been commericially available for a while, very affordable, and is perfect for dressing as The Dark Knight. Funtasma’s Pleaser “Gotham 100” boots did NOT disappoint when I bought them, and with the quality that they were made with, I would have GLADLY paid double what I did to own them…and even THAT would have been a bargain! I loved the generous length of the boot shaft, coming up to just below my knee cap (I am 6’ 2”), and I really loved the thick, rugged, combat boot rubber soles (which really reflected the para-military/survival gear aspect that I wanted The Batman’s uniform to have.

I did spend an additional $60 to have the tops of the boots professionally re-shaped into a more extreme “Batman Point”. But the final look of the boots made it SO worth the money and effort!

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