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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play


I purchased some really nice thick crimson red cotton polyester satin blend fabric and fashioned Robin’s tunic vest out of a pattern I originated. I added ΒΌ inch eyelets for looping yellow laces, and a felt letter “R” attached over a black silk screened circle on the left lapel. I designed the tunic as a pull-over garment with a small zipper and eye-hook in the rear neck.

Once again, being wholly faithful to Robin’s costume seen in the Silver Age comics, I limited the number of yellow cross laces on his tunic to six (6) (a nice, even, average number as seen in most renderings of the character during that period).

I realize that when Robin was first introduced in the 1940's (comics' Golden Age), the first drawings of the character depicted many laces on the tunic.

And the live action versions of Robin’s costume (like Burt Ward’s in the 1960’s) depicted the number of laces on the tunic up to as many as a dozen.

However, to my eyes, this many laces visually clutters the garment and vertically lengthens its look, while at the same time, making it appear less child-like.


A design aspect of Burt Ward’s TV Robin costume that really appealed to me was his heavy satin cape. It was a no brainer to me to fashion the cape for this costume out of a similar-looking material. It’s the one area that made sense to me to have some sheen and gloss to off-set the predominantly matte textures the uniform.

In the end, I selected a double-weighted, Gold silk charmeuse fabric imported from india to make Robin's cape. None of these photos demonstrate the cape's stunning drape, flow, and elegance. Like all of my cape patterns, this cape is made with a fully-formed shoulder seam, so it rests very neatly upon the shoulder like a tailored garment. In addition, it is even capable of spreading into full-winged glory.

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