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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play


This was one area where I was grateful for the design simplicity of the comic book belt. Burt Ward’s 1966 TV show belt featured six brass tube vials that were not a part of the comic book belt design, and that, frankly, I found unnecessary.

The comic book belt was basically a clean leather band with a round golden brass buckle. Two small vertical rods flanked the round buckle on the left and right sides.

Using “found” items… a combination of flat and rounded plastic ring discs, and a large half-moon button… I assembled together a beautiful buckle design that employed artistic license and still stayed true to the final belt as seen in the comics. The assembled buckle was sanded, primered and painted with 8 coats of bright gold enamel and 2 coats of gloss clear.

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