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Default Re: Did the fact there was hardly any real Nazis in this film hurt it?

Good debate, I mostly agree with the overlord.

CATFA did so many things right- the Indiana Jones tone, Chris Evans, the way they perfectly captured Steve Rodgers altruistic never say die spirit, Making Cap appeal to everyone not just Americans, Hayley Atwell....

But making the Red Skull Hydra instead of a Nazi just 'cause Marvel did not want to be making Red Skull action figures with swastika armbands (why not just skip the armbands on the action figures) definitely detracted from the character.

Red Skull in the comics was positively scary. A fascist, racist monster. But the movie version was no where near as intimidating. Weaving's german accent was crap as well. A German actor would have been much better. Hydra just came across as typical summer blockbuster movie bad guys with silly laser guns.

I guess cause Marvel wanted the movie to have a broad age appeal including kids they shyed away from Red Skull being the racist Nazi monster he is supposed to be and toned him down. It sucks tho because aside form Hydra/Red Skull the rest of the film is great, and since Red Skull was not a Nazi and his story was made kid friendly it means the definitive CA WWII film has yet to be made. Which sucks because Chris Evans is perfect in the role.

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