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Default Re: Michael Caine as Alfred Thread

Originally Posted by batlovescatDC View Post
I never meant that he was going to quit forever. But I'm saying it seems pretty likely that he may, at one point in this film, resign from his position in this film. I can see that happening more than I can see him dying, personally.

I mean, he quit in Knightfall... which was very obviously a heavy influence on this film. So the fact that people keep on just pushing the possibility of him quitting in TDKR aside and saying "ALFRED WOULD NEVER QUIT!" is ridiculous. It's like all the people that are saying "BRUCE WOULD NEVER RETIRE FROM BEING BATMAN!"... HELLO! he retired in TDKReturns, which was also very obviously a huge influence on this film.
don't take it too seriously, I was merely joking about the "Nevah" thing.

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