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Default Re: Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoon

Originally Posted by Thor The Mighty View Post
I hope this show is not as dumb as the new Ultimate Spiderman show. Put considering who is behind it my expectations are low. As usual I'll watch the first few episodes. I really think a effort could be made to makes shows appeal to kids and adults. AEMH did this pretty well so did the last FF show imo. Btw these new shows are to get kids into comics? At the expense of the older fans? Can the kids spend $4 per issue and buy expensive movie tickets?
guaranteed this show WILL be just a dumbed-down and as kiddified as USM... it's one of Loeb and Quesadilla's babies... with them in charge, are you honestly expecting a quality product?... NOT!...

and once the second season of Avengers EMH ends and production starts up on new version of Avengers, that'll be headed down the same road as well, since the dynamic dimbulbs are in charge of THAT, as well...

they just don't give a s**t about the older fans... they and Disney are and will be aiming for the kiddie audience for the forseeable future...

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