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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
My biggest issue aside from people taking orders from a woman, and the black guy having anything to say back then...

Who taught Cap how to fight?
He just put the suit on and was olympic level athlete material.

Why didn't we see him on the pommel horse? rings? learning to box, learning martial arts?

He just got injected and was cap.

this should not be.
I was gonna pitch a series to Marvel called Codenamed:Captain America. It would tell the story of Cap in WW2 while keeping accurate to the timeline of the war. While the Army created him he would work for the OSS under the cover of Private Steve Rogers and would go on missions assigned to him by OSS. One of the biggest points of this series is to learn who and how he learned to be Cap.
So Cap would be a super spy until Pearl Harbor and then he would lead a special unit in the War.

I decided to not pitch the story because they decided to go another way with Cap's history

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