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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
Well my reasons are multiple.

Firstly I think visually he has the potential to be amazing, and his probes can be used for some great action sequences.

I feel Superman's connection to him and Krypton will provide interesting story material as he can play with Kal El's emotions, teasing him with knowledge of a home world he barely remembers.

The fact he is emotionless and calculating with a singular motive to gather intelligence and destroy makes him an unusual threat.

Lastly there's the fact he's tech based, so much of our life these days revolves around technology, from the every day to the battlefield. I think both the social and national security themes as relates to Superman would be very interesting.
Point 1, I understand. I'm sure it would look visually fantastic.

Point 2... well isnt that what Zod is going to be doing in movie number 1... but you know, WITH a personality and emotions.

As for the other two points, that's really just a matter of taste.

Personally I find a villain who's aim is to 'gather intelligence' kind of lifeless and dull. And technology and how dependant we are on it, as a main focus of the movie, wouldn't interest me TBH.

I dunno, if they decide to go with him for a sequel, i'll keep an open mind. But i've never found him a particularly interesting villain myself.

'Why do I find all of this so horrible to explore?
Sure, they are interesting questions that I don't mind seeing in an elseworlds GN. But as a theme for the film that is kicking off the tone of the whole JL, and in a film that is presenting Superman to the general audience in a way that current generations will remember him?
I just don't like it. It's dark, it's depressing and it's not how I like the tone of Superman films to be.'
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