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Default Re: Why Mark Ruffalo?

Originally Posted by Radioactive1980 View Post
My take on the Banner/Bond comparisons-

Bixby/Connery- the original and many consider the definitive version of these character/s. These guys portrayals had a weight & validity to them that almost all subsequent interpretations lacked.

Bana/Lazenby- these guys only got to play Bond/Banner once and tbh they were not the best fit. Despite this there are a handful of fans who favour them as the best of the bunch.

Norton/Dalton- brought a seriousness or darker feel to the role that had been absent for some time. Dalton in his no nonsense Bond after the camp Moore years, and Norton in giving us a Banner on the run desperately trying to cure/control the Hulk.

Ruffalo/Brosnan are both the most well rounded interpretations of Bond/Banner. Both seem to be composites of the best bits of past portrayals of their respective characters. Brosnan mixed the humour of Moore with the toughness of Connery/Dalton, similarly Ruffalo combines the introspective Bixby-Banner with elements of a man on the edge ala Norton Banner in his first scene with Widow in The Avengers.
Then who is going to be the Daniel Craig Bruce Banner?

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