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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for Marvel's The Avengers! (TAG SPOILERS!!!) -

Here is what i liked and didn't like about the Avengers:

-The overall Story
-the chemistry between all the characters
-the humor
-the visual effects
-the fact that they had Mark Ruffalo play both Bruce Banner and the Hulk
-the fact that everyone had their chance to shine in this movie
-the score (especially the main theme)
-Loki being such a badass villain
-Tony's one liners

What i didn't like:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Coulson dying

-the fact that Hawkeye got less screen time then the others

My favorite scenes/moments:

-The Hulk randomly punching Thor, sending him flying
-The Hulk kicking the living heck out of Loki and throwing him like a ragdoll
-Iron Man flying into the portal and destroying the Chitauri ship with the nuclear missile
-Bruce Banner riding into the damaged New York on a motorcycle
-Thor's first scene in the movie
-the fight between Iron Man, Captain America and Thor
-Hawkeye shooting an arrow at Loki, who catches it with his hand and then it explodes.
-The 360 degrees shot of the Avengers facing the Chitauri. you know, the one where the camera circles around them.
-The iconic shot of the Avengers glaring down at Loki after they won the battle.
-Stan Lee's cameo.

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