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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by Class100strngth View Post
This might have already been a post due to the Dc marvel crossover. Im just curious , the fact that the avengers can stand against the justice league is quite spectacular. In Dc marvel crossovers Thor and superman fight , superman beats him but throughout the series , it appears that the rest of the justice league is very weak , i mean quicksilver fighting the flash .... on and off and quicksilver beating him this is kind of interesting . Green lantern is greatly underestimated in this series , but i do love when captain america goes up against superman , not caring how much power superman has , captain america is amazing , he knows he is no match for superman but still stands up against him. Who do you guys like better the avengers or the justice league , i will [personally go with the avengers because of iron man , vision and captain america.
The rest of the justice league is NOT weak , Martian Manhunter is nearly as strong as Superman , and he has more powers than superman.
Batman could easily kick Captain Americas ass because he uses ranged weapons alongside his melee attacks.

You have no idea on how much people make up JLA, sure the main characters are Superman,Batman,Martian Manhunter, Wonder woman,the flash ,and green lantern,but if you include aquaman,green arrow,red tornado,steel,atom,Hawkman,Phantom Stranger,hawk girl,and captain atom.

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