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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

My "Biggest Disappointment" Regarding Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight ?

Um... I guess it was the fact that the horrid film was even made at all.

But if i must pick actual moments from the film, THREE instances come to mind.

Two of the moments have to do with The Batman's portrayal as an inept, un-elegant, clumsy oaf:

1) Being smacked into a garage piller by the Scarecrow's men when he clung to the side of their getaway van. This made him look like one of the dumb NAZI STOOGES from the truck chase in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

2) Bearing down upon The Joker in his Bat-pod, only to un-ceremoniously skid, crash, and break his ass... (for no damned good reason at all)

3) And then there is the laughably bad Interrogation Scene with its terrible staging, and Christian Bale's hammy, over the top shouting (while wearing a cowl that was literally pinching his cheeks together and making him look like an idiot).

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