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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Why do you think it would be a point of contention if its not douchey?

Dating someone in order to vicariously date someone else is supremely douchey, that is, emotionally abusive and emotionally immature. When they're related, it's extra douchey, and when the original is dead, then it's just creepy. No relationship can survive that because it's not even a real relationship, it's a consolation prize. In the comics world, it's just a point of contention. In movies (and moreso in the real world) it's a game ender, as it should be.
So he's not allowed to fall in love with a woman who happens to be related to the long-dead woman he once kinda-sorta *almost* slept with 70 years ago....? Sorry, but horseXXXX.

1) There was *nothing* consummated between him and Peggy;
2) It was 70 freakin' years ago, and she's long dead (or should be by now);
3) it's natural that Steve and Sharon would meet, since Sharon would be extremely curious to hear stories of the famous Captain America, the man her aunt always used to tell her about;
4) it's natural that Steve would fall in love with her;
5) it's natural that Sharon would fall in love with him.

It's a great love story. And utterly unique, because of the gulf of time separating the principals. There's nothing douchey about the (potential) MCU version of the story; only the comic book version, where Cap was banging *both* of them.


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