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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by The_Shadow View Post
What do you guys think are Gambit's top 5 books? I mean books as in Volumes, not issues.

Also really looking forward to the new one coming out.
Geez, has he even had five? His first ongoing with the New Son was great. His first mini was good. I can only think of one other mini and one other ongoing, neither of which I read.

I'd prefer actual issues. Off the top of my head:

X-Men 33 - tale from the past with Sabretooth
Gambit 1 (1st ongoing) - Versus X-Cutioner
Gambit 24 (1st ongoing) - Versus New Son
Daken: Dark Wolverine 7 or 8 - Awesome fight with Daken
Uncanny X-Men 312 or 313 - Versus Phalanx

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