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Doh Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

Originally Posted by Spidey-Bat View Post
I'm done with Marvel cartoons. Here they have a great cartoon and a prime opportunity to promote it due to the movie, instead they throw it to the curb.
That's what makes me crazy too!! I keep forgetting to post exactly this. With the AVENGERS film just doing juggernaut business the friggin animated series goes on a dopey inexplicably lame hiatus in the midst of it's mammoth run, knee deep in fact. Total suicide run in my book (although cancellation seemed to be inevitable).

You'd think DISNEY-XD/Marvel would have MARATHONS of AMEH to get fans excited and keep the engine humming but NOTHING except just a coupla new eps that took them a friggin year to trot out. Also you'd think they'd have coincided the Skrull saga (with all the build, hype, and hoopla from the previous eps in a major event fashion and air like a movie with "Prisoner of War", "Infiltrated", and "Secret Invasion" kicking it off. But we Americans have to deport ourselves to the Outback Avengers House to get our AEMH fix AGAIN, and for the second season in a row!

Another reason to hate ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is this effin sh*%-show seemed to control how AEMH aired as well.

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