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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

Regardless of how anyone feels about Ant-Man as a character, Ant-Man as a movie, as directed by Edgar Wright, will be killer. So lets hope it happens.

Black Panther needs to happen, too. Black Panther is a great character, with a great setting, completely different from anything we've seen in MCU so far. Plus, the current Avengers lineup is just filled to the brim with white dudes. So let's mix it up.

On that same note, I really hope we get a Ms. Marvel (or Captain Marvel, as she's called now) movie. The lineup really needs some more women in it, I think, and ScarJo's Black Widow as the Token Girl really doesn't do it for me.

If any rumored project needs to be dropped, it's Guardians of the Galaxy, which I think will end up being a colossal bomb for Marvel.

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