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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

wow, so I found the australian released episodes on youtube and watched all of them from 'nightmare in red' to 'behold the vision' and... there are far too many thoughts rattling around in my head to write all of them down except this one, this show is so amazing, HOW can they rationally cancel it!?

surely a new show is a gamble, while an established show with a supportive fan base is a safer bet? I just don't understand the logic behind the desicion, it almost seems like it is the whim of the people currently incharge.

Thors return = totally amazing, although how did iron man get through to him? do those avenger cards now work across worlds? A minor nitpick, it was ace to watch him blasting the skrull, satilites, well pretty much everything and rockin his new look!

its great to have real cap back, and to finally see the skrull cap get his come uppance.

I'm kinda sad that the team seems to have forgotten about hulk, surely they should be trying to clear his name, rather than prioritise other stuff like taking trips to waconda to fix cap's sheild? I know it was skrull cap that made that promise, not real cap, but you would think at least hawkeye would be rooting for busting him out.

also hawkeye for a king? fantastic =)

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