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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

The one thing that the Russos have going for them, despite their work on You, Me and Dupree (ew!), is that they've worked on projects that rely on non-linear storytelling and timelines and whatnot. Happy Endings, Arrested Development and Community are the tv shows I'm thinking about. We *might* get a very interesting Cap 2 movie out of this, particularly if it's going to be flashback heavy. Their projects also rely on strong characters and balancing ensemble casts. And I was massively entertained during Community's paintball episodes. They were awesome. Witty action sequences too. So there are those points, I guess. Just trying to make a little sense about where Feige's going with this.

I definitely don't mind finding the humor in Captain America, but I don't want it to dissolve into slapstick and farce. But if they can capture a very unique vision of Cap and do so successfully, this might be Feige's greatest hat trick of all.

I have way less reservations about Alan Taylor on Thor 2 than I do the Russos.

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