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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
All I have to say about the choice is
I agree, while I have faith in Marvel, still it's just odd. Hopefully they stack up on CBM/MCU veteran produces and exec. producers etc etc.

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Alan Taylor for Thor, Russo Brothers for Cap. Getting TV directors to direct movies is what screwed over the Brosnan Bond movies in the 90s, so I'm weary about having tv directors with little big film experience to direct. At least Whedon directed a Sci-Fi movie before The Avengers.

They must have had a damn good pitch and I hope Marvel knows what they're doing.
In Alan Taylor's defense, Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy series; that, I think, gives him a much bigger leg up for Thor on handling the more fantastical/mythical elements of Thor's world and the various realms.
Granted, it is TV, but it's HBO and has a much more cinematic feel to it(obviously) than Community, which also gives him a much bigger leg up than the community people, imho.

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