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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 10

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Isn't the ultimate end of the road for Banner/Hulk becoming The Maestro and taking over the world?
Maestro was a future variation of the Merged Hulk(Gray + Savage + Banner personalities) that went crazy due to shrapnel in the brain and absorbing too much radiation consistantly over many years. He's a possible future.

One other possible version of an 'ultimate' Hulk was in the What If Planet Hulk story. Hulk and Banner seemingly merged perfectly, looked young and less bulky and seemed immortal, as they were still alive to see a race of beings evolve from an animal state to a technically advanced state.

"Well, one thing I’ve been saying is that on the TV show they should make the Hulk a bit more intelligent." Stan Lee 1978 Interview
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