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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 10

Originally Posted by Gamma Ra View Post
Not so much.

In one of the earliest Stan Lee stories, he stated Banner was the smartest man on the planet, albeit Stan's Hulk stories weren't the most consistent.. In an issue of Hulk in the early to mid 1970's Doom pondered just how smart Banner really was. When Banner was in control of Hulk's form when Bill Mantlo was writing him, Banner created more new inventions than Edison in a shorter time. More recently in WWHs, Banner outsmarted Doom twice.

It has been suggested, but not made clear, that Banner transforms into the Savage Hulk to hold himself back all these years, all his other incarnations, including "Gray Hulk", "Gravage/Green Scar","Bruce" are potentially dangerous due to their level's of intelligence, power and knowing potentially what they can do. Banner allowing his Hulk-self to exist without his hindrance = Worldbreaker Hulk.

As someone said, Marvel's genius' are usually genius' in specific fields.
Again, they've *said* this, but outside of the atrocious writing of World War Hulk, Banner has *no* feats that compare with the best mad science done by Reed and Doom.

Or, call me back when Banner teleconferences with his alternate universe selves, builds machines that protect his temporal integrity, mind controls the entire planet repeatedly, brings back the dead by busting into Heaven, hijacks the power of cosmic entities, or uses his brain the manage the recreation of the entire universe.

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