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Default Re: Iron Man vs. Dr. Doom

Doom all the way. He has stolen the Beyonders and Silver Surfers powers as well as others. Stark is child's play. The Armor's went at it in Super-Villain Team-Up #9 but it was Rudolpho in Doom's armor. Then they had to Cannibalize their armors and work together to be brought back from the King Arthur Days of Camelot in Iron Man #'s 149 and 150. they did it again in Iron Man #'s 249 and 250 but it was in a future Camelot world with future versions of themselves to tangle with. Don't know about any new comics match ups. I go for Doom: He the most accomplished Sorcerer on Earth after Dr. Strange Plus all his other attributes. Stark doesn't stand a chance if it's head to head and written properly!!!

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