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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 10

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
People often make that claim, but the Leader has never done *anything* to back it up. He may well be smarter than the likes of Stark and Pym, but the absolute best feats of his entire career barely compare with typical ones from the Reed/Doom pair.

Or, there is a guy smart enough to literally bust into the Gates of Heaven to bring back the dead. His name is not 'Leader'.
Leader has not been in as many issues as Reed and Doom, but he has built his own time machine and he has figured out how to bring the dead to life; something neither of the other two can do; along with manipulating and making life forms also super powered beings.

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Again, they've *said* this, but outside of the atrocious writing of World War Hulk, Banner has *no* feats that compare with the best mad science done by Reed and Doom.
Please stop with the 'atrocious writing' bit. Whether you liked the writing or not is irrelevant to the things Banner did before and in World War Hulks. You evidently have not read Stan Lee's earliest Hulk issues wherein Banner was making new inventions and many more mentioned all the time. I mentioned Bill Mantlo's run over 30 years ago where it was stated that Banner made more inventions than anyone else in the shortest time, due to him not having the Savage Hulk holding him back.

Banner is a nuclear physicists and excels in many other fields; Reed has even consulted with Bruce or referenced Banner's work in the nuclear fields.

Bruce has built many the research.

"Well, one thing I’ve been saying is that on the TV show they should make the Hulk a bit more intelligent." Stan Lee 1978 Interview

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