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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

Huh, yeah this is a left field choice somewhat. Is it the comedy, the non linear storytelling, are they massive, passionate Cap fans? They've directed some good Community eps looking at IMDb though.

I guess whatever happens Marvel will be keeping a close eye and they'll have had to have impressed Feige, the last thing they want to mess up is the possibility of Captain America squandering the chance to explode at the boxoffice after Avengers. That's also what I'm telling myself about Thor and Patty Jenkins (sniff) though with Alan Taylor it's easier to see what he bring to the table.

Marvel better make sure that the sequel receives their 5-star treatment because of the rising interest on Capt. America in the wake of The Avengers.
They'd be idiots not to, they have a rare (basically unique) 2nd shot at getting both Cap and Thor into the A list for definite like Iron Man, WW if not domestic. Not to mention Cap's big success on BR/DVD.

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